Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Facebook to create a Shoe Swipe account?
Yes, we use Facebook to determine your gender so we can show you either women's or men's shoes. Also, we need a way to link your favorite shoes to your Shoe Swipe account. Shoe Swipe will never post anything to your Facebook.
I see Women's shoes but I am a Man.
This setting can be changed in the "Filters" section. You can choose between Men's and Women's shoes.
The app keeps crashing.
Try reinstalling the app. As long as you don't delete your account you won't lose any of your favorites.
I lost all my favorites!
Try signing out and back in, as long as you haven't accidentally deleted your account you should be fine! We are aware of a bug where your userID was lost when you cleared your cookies/cache. To resolve this, logout. When you re-login your favorites will work again. It is possible that you added many favorites while your userID was missing and the shoes were not added. We have noted this as a bug and it will be updated in our next release.
I see odd behavior with swiping from time-to-time
There are two causes to this. First swiping too fast can be a cause over a slow network. Second, we load the shoes in groups of 20 so at reload there are times when a shoe will briefly appear and then disappear. We are working on solving this display issue in our next release.
I can't log in.
Make sure you have the latest version of the Facebook app and latest version of Shoe Swipe. Try logging out of Facebook and back in.